Hurry up, Steve!

Given the recent issues with my powerbook, my employer gave me a replacement notebook “just in case”, and this weekend I started fiddling with it just to see how it was like.

The box is nothing fancy, it’s part of a notebook stock we keep aside for cases like mine, so it’s “just” a quite bulky IBM R50 with Windows XP. I didn’t even bothered installing my favourite Linux distro since I’m due to return it in a week or so, but it has been enough to make me consider a temporary switch until Apple comes out with decent stuff again. True enough, OS X “just works”, but it’s also a fact that it works slow. And I mean SLOW.

The Thinkpad is snappy stuff: Eclipse fires up in seconds and doesn’t suffer of any delays in switching editor windows, completing method names, compiling and firing up tests. Firefox is a breeze. Cygwin (well, you wouldn’t expect me surviving without some kind of Unixish environment, wouldn’t you?) makes the windows experience less painful. OpenOffice doesn’t spin any beach ball and opens pretty much everything without a noticeable delay.

It’s definitely true that the Apple experience is addicting stuff, but I didn’t expect to be mesmerized so much to forget my expectations about decent performance. This Intel box in front of me is a wake-up call: daily work shouldn’t involve watching a display doing nothing but fancy rainbow circles for a large amount of time, and I’m definitely thinking about convincing our hardware guy to let me stick to the Thinkpad until something decent comes up from the Mac front. So, Steve, you’re better hurry up with your keynote and tell me some good stuff about the next generation of powerbooks: I intend to stick with Apple for a number of reasons, but I’m starting to feel fed up by G4 sluggishness. Meanwhile Sanjiva is tempting me quite a bit to delve into some serious P2P and Thinkpad hacks…



2 thoughts on “Hurry up, Steve!”

  1. Ciao,

    I have a wiki where you can find some other handy unix stuff for windows:

    most likely a great deal of it is familiar to you, but there are a few things like the true-X mouse gizmo that I find invaluable! Now if I could just figure out how to raise and lower windows with alt-tab and alt-shift-tab.


  2. Thanks David! Nice wiki indeed, which definitely helps in these days of frustration.

    However, I still have some hope in Jobs making me stick with the OS X world. :-)



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